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Online e-commerce has grown to an extent, in the old times we used to dream about buying something, we used to save money and we purchase it from the best local store available, but now? everyone has different choices, every has their own favorite brands and everyone is ready to swipe their card. E-Commerce has changed the way people think about shopping, the trend of e-commerce shopping has become viral and almost a good majority of the people out there are using e-commerce portals to buy their dream products.

As e-commerce industry grew, the trend of swiping cards grew and people started thinking to save money. E-Commerce companies are always keen in observing the mentality of their customers in order to maintain their business. They started up the offer and coupons era which help users save big money out of the purchase they make. Compared to the offline market, e-commerce companies are offering huge offers and promotional discounts to grow their business which is indirectly attracting a lot of users to their platforms.


Coupons are the most used promotional methods. E-commerce companies have developed a system where the users can enter coupon codes and different coupons codes are crafted to offer a certain amount of discount. If you’re a daily customer, the company can offer you a good coupon compared to a weekly customer. The working of coupon program is simple, but the hardest part is finding the coupons at the right time to save money!


Everything is an art, the art of saving money is nothing but smart thinking. A usual customer will go through the e-commerce platform and make the purchase for the price tag they show, but a smart customer will surely utilize search engines like Google to search for coupons. They will bookmark the best coupon websites like Couponr to get instant updates about coupon codes and discount offers which will save them few bucks.

Some of the best practices,

    • Bookmark the coupon sites : Bookmarking the coupon sites like couponr will surely help you remember the websites which provide the best coupons on time so that next time when you’re about to purchase something, you can check these sites for coupons.
    • Subscribe the newsletter and email updates to get instant offer updates about new discounts and coupons provided by the company. This is one of the best ways to grab the right offers without putting many efforts.
  • Follow the link provided on the coupon website to make the sale successful because if you’re going out of the track from the base link then you might not get the offer activated. Some offers are link based offers which will only work if the link is properly opened.


If you’re wondering how a coupon site is going to save your money, then you just have to read these calculations to make it clear,

Let’s consider that you’re an average online shopping guy or a girl who spend around Rs.20000 a month. Rs.20k is the pretty decent amount of money, but it won’t be a smart play if you’re purchasing the products directly. The e-commerce companies may give you offers, but trust me, finding the right offer is the hardest part of this game. The sites like couponr will show up the best possible coupons and discount offers available on the Internet so that you can just visit the website, select the offer you’re looking for and make the purchase with the discount. On an average, you can surely get 15% discount and it may go up to 30% which means you save Rs.6000 a month in online shopping and that’s simply Rs.72000 a year. I’m so sure that this kind of a deal is totally worth it!


If you really wanna save money in online shopping, then directly select your coupon website, we recommend you to try Couponr which is perfect! You can find a lot of offers and discount coupons which will surely help you save big money. Just don’t worry about the process, you just have to choose the right offer, open the link and make your purchase. After when you click the link, the offer will be automatically applied, sometimes you just have to put in the coupon code.

The advantage is simple as what I already mentioned in the above subheadings. The e-commerce companies will always have their stock clearance programs, marketing activities, and other promotional activities. Keeping an eye on what’s happening in this industry is a time taking stuff, so the companies like Couponr always watches the e-commerce networks and let their customers know more about the offers and the discount deals. Every offer or discount deals are listed on their website, also, the offers are emailed to the subscribers. This facility is 100% free and there are no payments or hidden charges apply. The link which you click will be redirected to the respective e-commerce platform and the product shipping and payment activities are taken care by the company.


Saving money is an art when you spend Rs.20000 shopping online just remember about the poor. At least that thought might make you feel save money to save for your future. In this world, we people are too much attached to the internet hence, we spend a lot of money on the internet. Save the maximum you can with the coupon websites available out there. I’m sure you’ll feel the change in your expense report! Happy shopping.